Google Guarantee Your Business

Like most things, we all know that Ireland are sometimes a decade behind the States when it comes to technology, but one thing coming soon that will impact anyone advertising and fighting for page ranking on google. Will be the launch of Google Guarantee/Home Services. We want to give you some insights into how all […]

Black Friday – Make it work for your business

Black Friday is traditionally the retail sale day that takes place the day after Thanksgiving. This year is Friday 24th November. While it originated stateside its something being adopted by more businesses this side of the pond.  Usually, Black Friday conjures up images of people clawing each other to get at a tv or is […]

7 ways your website is losing you Customers

How well is your website working? How often do you change your website? Its a valid question! We’ve just finished a little refresh here at ZEAL and it got me thinking about the people I meet weekly who want to get a brand new website or even a little website refresh themselves. I also meet […]