This week I was elected chair of the Midlands Business Network. Its a 6 month position and Im really looking forward to putting something back into the group that has helped me tremendously.

why you need a mastermind group

Heres my reasons why I would recommend anyone joining OR creating your own mastermind group.

1. Camaraderie – sometimes running a business can be incredibly isolating. Being in a group of like minded business owners means that inevitably at some point each member will become business advisors of sorts and vice versa.  By meeting with people in the same boat as you become less isolated and become part of a support network.

2. Collaboration – In a group of such diverse skills, you are bound to find someone who can either work with you to boost your own business, or who you can work with to boost theirs. Working together with your mastermind group achieves more in the long run for a larger group of people.

3. Expand your network and mind – joining a group rapidly expands your network which is important for any business owner, but the bigger win is that you are part of a think tank. Ideas can freely bounce around and your mind will be opened to new ideas on a regular basis.

4. Cross-promotion – This is a big one, customers are up to 80% more likely to use your business if they have received a personal recommendation from a friend. Putting yourself in a position where others can refer you across their personal networks is a fantastic product of being in a group.

5. Bigger thinking – Go bigger than just participating in a mastermind group and actually become a ‘master mind’. Amazing things happen when people are inspired. Putting yourself into a situation with like minded people doing similar things will have a huge impact on not only your business development but your personal development too.

If you like the sound of any of those points then go out and find a network of your own to join! The Midlands Business Network is considering membership and meets weekly. If you don’t fancy the early mornings head on over to the ZEAL Facebook page and use #zealmydayfriday to start a conversation, we can be a virtual network.