New year is always a time for fresh starts and setting new goals for the year ahead. It is also a brilliant time to tweak your business and make some plans for 2017. If you haven’t already considered how you will be marketing your business it can sometimes be hard to decide where to start. Do you adjust or modernise your logo and branding? change up your website or get new business materials printed?. 

Its a great time to have a rethink of your brand. Firstly ask yourself if your website, advertising and general marketing performed as well as you wanted it to in 2016. Did you have enough customers? Boil it down to numbers and you’ll have a great idea of the steps you need to take to make 2017 the best yet. Numbers don’t lie – either you performed as you wanted to, didn’t make the mark or did better than expected! Either way there is always room for improvement and this is the time of year to start making plans.

When you start looking at marketing you need to consider various things like who your ideal customers are, where you can find them in the highest concentration and what you can say to them to make you their first choice. Branding is not all about colours, fonts and images, while that is a large part of it often times unless you do your research your marketing efforts fall short. We can help you to plan your branding and marketing for the year during one of our 3 hour long brand planning sessions. Work with us in your offices or ours to brainstorm and get our expert advice on your business branding, as well as individual marketing ideas to help you achieve your business goals for 2017. 

For the entire month of January we are celebrating the one year anniversary of launching ZEAL Creative. As well as giveaways over on our Facebook page we are offering anyone who books in a website project during January an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet or one of the years hottest gadgets, an Amazon Echo Dot. This handy speaker can also control your home heating, lighting and more!. This offer is only available until the end of the month so if you are considering a new website or starting a new business this year get in touch with us.