Sometimes its hard to come up with different post ideas for social media & we get stuck in a rut of being overly promotional and posting the same old stuff over and over. Heres a few quick ideas for posts that can be actioned really quickly. 

Tell a Story – People love a good story so use your page as a place to tell one. It could be why you started up, maybe an anecdote you heard during the week or something funny that happened to you. Use photo’s or a video to make it more engaging & if its a founding or turning point story add it to your Facebook milestones.

Post something relevant / trending – Posting about what is going on either in your particular sector, or in a sector your fans will be interested in is always a great way to start conversations. Posting viral content with your own spin on it too is also a great way to engage, like this story of the live news reporter who was interrupted by his kids. It worked for us as we are work at home parents & was viral, so we knew we would get a response from it.

Behind the scenes – What are you up to in the day to day running of your business? Perhaps you are at an event or spending the day filing. Give people an inside look into what goes on in your business. Instagram Stories is a great place to do this.

Selfie – As cringeworthy as they can be sometimes a good selfie doesn’t go amiss & is often a great way to show the human side of your business & back up that ‘behind the scenes’ style post.

Ask questions – If your fans are your customers, ask them how you are getting on. Did you put a new item on your menu? Post a photo & ask what people think.

Inspire people – People love to be motivated and inspired. You can share a ready made quote, or tell a story about something that inspires you. Such as this post about International Womens Day, not only was it a personal inspiration story, but it served to inspire others.

Photos of your Products in action – This works especially well for food, clothes, any physical product. Take a pic of it in action.

Post A Review – If you get a new review on your site, use tools like Canva to create a social media friendly image or just screenshot the review itself and share that. People sometimes miss the reviews & this way you can go out of your way to thank the reviewer.

GO LIVE! – More on this later but live video is booming & is a great chance to show people the real life side to your business.

Post a video – fancy something a little more put together, use Animoto, clips or quick to make a video.

Customer/Fan Spotlight – make them feel special by dedicating an entire post to them. It could be a photo or a video, or you sharing some of their content. We shared this photo from one of our clients & got great response, not only from them but from our page fans too.

The best thing to remember is that you need to be consistent with posting. Give it a go, try out some of these ideas & let us know how you get on!