How well is your website working?

How often do you change your website? Its a valid question! We’ve just finished a little refresh here at ZEAL and it got me thinking about the people I meet weekly who want to get a brand new website or even a little website refresh themselves. I also meet people who are building their own sites with WordPress or Wix or even our builder software who just don’t know why its not converting customers.

I’d really urge you to think about the following, either as someone who is refreshing their own site or considering hiring someone to do it for them. These are really the basic 7 reasons why site’s don’t convert. Of course there are loads more reasons but look at these ones first!

    1. No clear branding makes you look untrustworthy.
      Nothing puts people off more than a dated brand that is not consistent, it just screams ‘untrustworthy’. Certain colours & fonts convey trust better than others, so consider colour psychology when you are designing your website. Make sure that your branding is consistent across your website.
    2. Customers can’t see your website on their phones or tablets. Large numbers of websites in Ireland do not work on mobile or tablet devices. There is zero excuse for it in this day & age!. Your site needs to be easily navigable on phones, tablets and desktops.
    3. The site is slow. A huge turn off for potential customers is a slow loading site. It is expected in this day and age that your site will load quickly and that access to information & downloads be speedy. A potential customer is not going to waste their time waiting for pages to load up.
    4. Your website copy is putting people off. If the language of your website is not directed towards your target audience, or written in complex terms that people do not relate to or understand you will be losing customers. Your site content needs to be engaging and demonstrate clear value. This can be done by displaying your best quality products, or best deals on your homepage, or by writing a really informative blog that gives customers loads of useful information.
    5. Images are poor quality or non existent. This ties in with the branding point above. If your images are blurry or too large for phone screens (they have not been size optimised) it is amateur looking & just not great. Likewise for stock images. If your business is clearly based in Ireland & for an Irish audience but your ‘office’ images are looking out on a New York skyline it looks a bit suspect (and try hard!).
    6. Customers are not sure how to contact you. Websites should have a main contact page but also clear direction around the website. These are called ‘Calls to Action’. As a business owner you should be placing reminders on all of your pages to make it easier for potential customers to interact with you. Make it easy for people to phone you, email you, buy now, learn more, download your content and so on.
    7. You aren’t listed with Google.
      Registering your business with Google is FREE & will help drive traffic to your website & to your physical place of business. It is a must for any business, either online or offline. If people cant find you on Google page ONE you are seriously missing out.

How does your website measure up?

If you are falling short and know you need to make a few changes then the good news is that all of the above points are really easy to fix. If you need to tidy up your website or address a few of the points above and need some tailored help & guidance then email, we would be delighted to help.

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