This post is taken from a recent radio slot I did on subtle & simple ways you can change up your existing sales process if its not working for you currently. Selling is something that quite a lot of businesses struggle with so this radio slot addressed some very simple changes that you can make to increase your chance of closing the sale.

  1. Can I help with anything? 
    How often do you walk into a shop to be asked “can I help you?” only to reply “Im just looking thanks”. When you ask if you can help the response is a 50/50, either a No or a YES. Just by asking the question you cut your chances of the sale in half. If you change it to “I’d love to help you out today, is there anything in particular you are looking for?”, you increase the chance of getting a “yes”.

  2. Take control from the start.
    Dont get caught up so long in chit chat if you have an objective to fulfil, instead use the chat to lead into your more driven conversation. For example 
    “I know you are really busy so dont want to take up too much of your time today, is it ok if I run through xyz with you?”.

  3. Get Permission. 
    Put your prospect at ease by asking permission, as demonstrated above. “Is it alright if I run through this” or “I’m wondering if you’d like to see a little more” are great ways to put people at ease, most of the time people will say “yea sure” or “I’d like to have a look at that”.

  4. Use a time frame. 
    Once you have presented whatever it is you want to sell and your prospect looks engaged & is giving you some buying signals then you can put in a subtle time frame. Nothing too pushy but along the lines of “Listen, thanks for meeting me today, if you are really considering this I should let you know that whatever you are selling is running out fast / getting booked up / going to end soon so just keep that in mind”.

  5. An added incentive. 
    Sometimes you might have an incentive. For example if you sign up for abc you get xyz for free. Incentives work really well in sales and don’t always need to be a physical product, if you are a service provider can you do a 12 sessions for the price of 10 if booked today?, or maybe some extra free content.

  6. Be prepared for ‘No’
    If someone gives you a ‘no’ more often than not its because you’ve not sold the value to them, or they just don’t like you. Common objections are price, time, not sure if they need it, need to ask someone else & maybe another time. If you have a come back it keeps the conversation going & gives you another chance to get back into the good books. Work out what your common objectives are and practice your replies.

  7. Be Understanding.
    Put your prospect at ease by understanding their objections. “I completely understand that this is a big decision for you to make, I can put the shoes by for the next hour for you if you need a little extra time”, or “I understand price is an issue here, other than the investment, is there anything else holding you back”?. Once you start getting answers you can start changing your tact & your sales proposal.

  8. Follow up. 
    Whether you make the sale or not, you still need to follow up. If they become a customer make sure you are moving them up your customer ladder. If you got a no, make sure you keep in contact still. Just because they aren’t buying now, it doesn’t mean it wont happen in the future, so make sure you are connecting on Social Media, via e-mail or even just meeting for a coffee every now and then.

Let us know if you try any of these in your business.

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