How does your website fit into your business along with using plugins to automate areas of your sales funnels and customer retention?

For start-ups and small to medium sized businesses around Ireland, 90% of them think a website and a contact form is an end to their troubles and that they are going to be a millionaire over night…. next week…. next month…. next year… wait the website needs updating…. definitely now…. next week….. NOTHING.

That’s because you need to be thinking about EVERY Part of your business from the person at the front desk, the mechanic working for you and dealing with customers or the telephone that rings and you answer saying “yeah whos that?”.

How on earth do you expect a website to transform your business overnight if everything else needs sorting? I am here to focus on planning your business from the ground up and then showing you how techniques I have learnt over the last 15 years can be applied to your agency or business moving forward.

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