Like most things, we all know that Ireland are sometimes a decade behind the States when it comes to technology, but one thing coming soon that will impact anyone advertising and fighting for page ranking on google. Will be the launch of Google Guarantee/Home Services.

We want to give you some insights into how all your hard work in SEO could soon be undone even further and after working with a provider in the United states, we can see this having a massive impact on businesses throughout Ireland as most of them don’t even think they need a website!.

If you are reading this and saying sure I have great SEO, don’t pay a thing on google and I show up on all the map searches! ‘Well think again!

With Just SEO on google you knew that you were already behind the google adverts. Now you will be behind Google Guarantee and Adverts, which by the way if you had been on the maps and don’t get guaranteed then you could be facing relegation to possibly the second or third page of google.

At the moment they are trialing this in certain states and service types, but this is having a massive impact already on businesses that have invested time to signup from day 1.

But why are Google Doing this to me!?

Lets be honest, Google Adwords is flawed and anyone can pretend to be the best, or have the finest range of tools in their bag, This will be qualifying businesses that have a guarantee for work for up to €2000. (possibly as this grows for other services, then greater amounts will be applied) and having # of reviews.

Locally in Ireland, when I go into a restaurant many business will ask you to first leave a review on facebook with Google either secondary or not even mentioned!.  Personally I think this is google grabbing the importance of reviews back from Facebook and until they bring out the same algorithm with a €2000 guarantee  to list businesses, then I see Google becoming the place to review a business again for 2018.

Do Google need to change the system? – Yes I suppose, from purely a financial perspective, it’s important to understand that this setup will make Google more money.

Whether the business converts their traffic or not, Google still charges for the click. Keep in mind that Google also charges for leads, according to their own website:

  • With Home Service ads, you pay only for leads from customers that choose your business.
  • You set a weekly budget that limits the total number of leads you receive in any given week.
  • You may get a different number of leads from day to day, but you never spend more than your designated weekly budget.

Google will offer several businesses leads simultaneously, but obviously only one of the businesses will actually convert. With this new system in place, Google can charge for all 3 clicks, thus earning more money for arguably the same experience.

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