my school fundraising family

MY School Fundraising initially started life as MYCalendar, an idea by Athlone entrepreneur Peter Martin. When Peter first came to us he had a concept – calendars that children could design and schools could sell to raise funds. He had no branding or online presence and really needed to focus on promotion in a short time frame.

the brief

MYSchool Fundraising is the umbrella organisation for Peters host of fundraising products. ‘Putting the FUN back into FUNdraising’ was the tag line we were given to work with and using the logo & icons given to us by their designer we had to create a short and informative website where schools could sign up. 

our response...

Its always interesting working with logos from other designers, we did our very best to make sure that the illustrations given could be translated to a modern and simple customer facing website. 

The three websites we created (MYSchoolfundraising, MYStpatrickdaycards & MYCalendar) are all cohesive and link to each other while making it really simple for a school to register and sign up. 

We decided to utilise e-mail, Facebook and Instagram for marketing. We anticipated that Facebook would be popular amongst parents who would encourage their child’s school to sign up and this was the case with lots of parents activley getting involved.  

Social media

To create some buzz among parents (target market for calendars) we ran audience specific adverts on Facebook and Instagram.

These really grew our page likes and also reach. The most successful posts on the Facebook page were what we affectionately call the ‘location shots’. Peter took his trusty banner all over the length and breadth of the country and took hundreds of photos of it with local landmarks. This got such good reception and really got the MYCalendar name ‘out there’.

We had 3 schools sign up as a result of seeing MYCalendar on Facebook which we were thrilled with seeing as the page only launched in September and sign up had to be finished by October 19th!.

We used Facebook to heavily promote an event we ran in conjunction with Athlone Starbucks. ZEAL helped set up and run a kids art class where parents could buy the calendars as a one off with €2.50 from the sale of each going to Westmeath Hospice in town. The day was a great success and got loads of interaction both on and offline.

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