Hosting Options for your Website.

Basic hosting
10gb of space on server?
Security Updates?

Terms and Conditions

How we will communicate
We would love to communicate with you on any website queries to, especially any requests you have. This is a dedicated client only email address so has priority over our regular email addresses.

How you will be updated about the work.
Unless there are any major updates needed (that require your site to be down for a period of time) or you personally have any changes or features to request, then you can rest assured that your site will be updated each month & remain as secure as possible. We will provide a quarterly report on updates & plugins that have been changed or updated, just for your records.  

Maintenance for updates after your 1 hour included in your package. 
Up to an hour per month support to ensure any minor tweaks to your website are taken care of. Additional updates will be quoted at €95 per hour.

Terminating your package
Should you wish to end your hosting with us, the main thing that needs to happen is you’ll need to think about where your website will be living from now on. If you want to move to another hosting provider we can work together to make sure your website moves over as seamlessly as possible. We ask that you give us one calendar month notice before ending your hosting contract so that we can arrange for a move or we can safely load your website files onto a USB drive for you.

– There will be an admin charge for downloading & moving your site.

– Site download will be charged at €150 including your USB & all files.

– Domain Move will be charged at €75 from our end and you may incur a charge from your new hosting provider also, which we are not liable for.

Upgrading your Package
If you would like a little extra with your hosting package we offer the following add-ons:
– email marketing campaign, one per month.
– Marketing coaching, training & reviewing.
– Marketing management
– Landing page design & development (€95 per page for existing clients)